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The Hubert H. Humphrey Lecture | History Written in Lightning: Racial Memory, Woodrow Wilson, and the Making of the Nation

Date & Time

Feb. 11, 2020
5:00pm – 6:00pm ET


6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center


Viewing Woodrow Wilson’s legacy through a racial lens can illuminate our own time. This lecture explores how Wilson’s views of racial possibility in the United States shaped our political, cultural, and personal discourses throughout the twentieth century, and continue to reverberate in the present.

Keynote Speaker

Jonathan Holloway

Provost, Northwestern University; 2020 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow in Social and Political Thought, Wilson Center

Hosted By

Urban Sustainability Laboratory

Since 1991, the Urban Sustainability Laboratory has advanced solutions to urban challenges—such as poverty, exclusion, insecurity, and environmental degradation—by promoting evidence-based research to support sustainable, equitable and peaceful cities.  Read more

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