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Ideas for a Stronger North America Ahead of the North American Leaders Summit

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On June 29, President Obama, President Peña Nieto, and Prime Minister Trudeau will meet in Ottawa for the 2016 North American Leaders Summit (NALS). North America is already the largest trading bloc in the world, with a GDP of over 20 trillion dollars and more than a trillion dollars of annual trade. The Leaders Summit will set the stage for future North American cooperation across a wide range of areas, including economic competitiveness, regional security, energy and climate change. It also represents an important opportunity for the leaders to clearly articulate the benefits of enhanced regional cooperation to a public that is increasingly focused on understanding the benefits and costs of global engagement.

The Mexico and Canada Institutes of the Woodrow Wilson Center are pleased to invite you to a discussion on North American cooperation ahead of the North American Leaders Summit.

Download the survey "Tracking Perceptions on U.S.-Canada Relations" below.


  • Earl Anthony Wayne

    Public Policy Fellow; Advisory Board Co-Chair, Mexico Institute
    former Career Ambassador to Afghanistan, Argentina, and Mexico
  • Duncan Wood

    Director, Mexico Institute
  • Laura Dawson

    Director, Canada Institute
    Former Senior Economic Analyst, U.S. Embassy, Ottawa, Canada
  • James Dickmeyer

    Canada Institute Advisory Board Relations Coordinator and Global Fellow
    State Department Officer; Former U.S. Consul General, Toronto. Working on the North American Leaders’ Summit.