Making Food Safe and Sustainable in China | Wilson Center
6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Making Food Safe and Sustainable in China

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The leading source of water pollution in China is not industry or municipal waste, rather the country’s vast agricultural sector—pesticide and fertilizer runoff from fields and animal waste from industrial-scale farms. 

Sabrina Snell (U.S.-China Economic and Security Commission) will discuss the food safety challenges in China’s dairy sector and also explore questions of how to link rural dairy farmers with urban markets while improving food chain governance and agricultural sustainability. Xuehua Zhang (Sichuan University) will talk about a 10-year demonstration project led by the Chengdu Urban Rivers Association that has helped a farming village in Sichuan Province reduce agricultural non-point pollution into local rivers and soil. Susan Chan Shifflett (Wilson Center) will discuss how growing demand for meat and safer food is driving China’s appetite for agricultural imports, opening up opportunities and challenges for U.S. agribusiness.