Media Briefing: Obama in India

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President Obama travels to India this weekend to be Prime Minister Modi's chief guest at India's Republic Day celebrations. It will be his second trip to India during his Presidency and closely follows PM Modi's recent visit to the U.S. Is this a sign of closer U.S.-India ties of the type the two leaders have been espousing? What are the outcomes we can expect from the trip? Wilson Center experts take questions from the media and provide their analysis on the political, security, and economic dimensions of the trip.

This briefing was conducted by phone.

A full transcript follows below.



  • Michael Kugelman

    Deputy Director and Senior Associate for South Asia
  • Raymond E. Vickery

    Global Fellow
    Senior Advisor, Albright Stonebridge Group; Of Counsel at Hogan Lovells LLP; former Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Trade Development