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Raymond E. Vickery

Global Fellow


April 1, 2015 — November 30, 2017

Professional affiliation

Senior Advisor, Albright Stonebridge Group; Of Counsel at Hogan Lovells LLP; former Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Trade Development

Wilson Center Projects

"U.S.-India Relations Under Obama and Modi"

Full Biography

Raymond E. Vickery, Jr. (“Ray”) is a leading author and advisor on US-India relations and a former US Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Trade Development.

Vickery is currently a Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. His affiliation with the Woodrow Wilson Center began as a Public Policy Scholar in residence for the academic year 2008-2009. His work on US-India economic engagement during that period resulted in a book on the subject. This book was followed by a study on India’s struggle for energy sufficient to sustain its aspirations as a major power.

Vickery’s writings and commentary have made him a frequent lecturer and commentator on U.S.-India issues. His credits include lectures at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Duke University, Georgia Tech University, the University of Richmond, and the University of Maryland as well as frequent appearances on Indian television.

Vickery took a leading role in lifting nuclear sanctions against India and passage of the U.S.-India civil nuclear legislation. As a Senior Director of the strategic consulting firm Albright Stonebridge Group LLC and Of Counsel, for the international law firm Hogan Lovells LLP and former head of his own firm, Vickery has been instrumental in US-India initiatives on energy, higher education, high technology, health security, intellectual property, and chemicals.

Vickery served as U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Trade Development in the Administration of President William J. Clinton. In carrying out the US Commerce Department’s Big Emerging Markets initiative, he exercised particular responsibility in regard to India. Vickery was instrumental in planning and executing Secretary Brown’s mission to India and the U.S.-India Commercial Alliance, predecessor of the U.S.-India CEO Roundtable. He served as a member of the U.S.-India Economic Sub-commission.

During his federal service he also was Co-Chair of the U.S.-China Joint Committee on Commerce and Trade Business Development Working Group, Chair of the interagency Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee Environmental Trade Working Group, and the Secretary’s representative on the Ex-Im Bank Board of Directors. As a leader in implementing the Clinton Administration’s National Export Strategy, he set up and supervised the Advocacy Center and the interagency Advocacy Network that advocated successfully projects with a U.S. export content of billions of dollars. He was in charge of the Department’s industry sector desks under Secretaries Brown, Kantor, and Daley, and a leader in Kantor’s return trip to Croatia after Brown’s death in an aviation accident there.

He was a leader in the US-India Business Council’s programs for President William J. Clinton’s historic trip to India in 2000. Mr. Vickery served as President Clinton’s policy advisor when he first returned to India in 2001 as a private citizen. Vickery was a member of the South Asia advisory teams in the Obama (2008), Kerry, and Gore Presidential campaigns. Early in his career, he served three terms in the Virginia General Assembly.

Vickery is a Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Duke University and received his law degree from Harvard Law School. His decades of experience with India began as a Fulbright Scholar between Duke and Harvard. He is an active member of the bars of the District of Columbia and Virginia and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.


United States-India Relations

Major Publications

Mending Estranged DemocraciesIndia Abroad (May 8, 2015) p. M 14

With AIIB, US Shot Itself in the Foot on Indian InfrastructureThe Diplomat (April 27, 2015) 

Obama's Parting Words in India: Tough but NecessaryThe Diplomat (February 4, 2015) (With Michael Kugelman) 

Closer, out of the non-aligned shadowIndia Abroad (February 6, 2015) p. A 20 

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India-US Energy Ties: Ending ProtectionismViewpoint (January 7, 2015)  

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"India Energy: The Struggle For Power" (November, 2014)

From 'Looking' East to 'Acting' East: India’s Own Pivot to AsiaThe Diplomat (October 10, 2015) (With Michael Kugelman) 

Narendra Modi’s American ExceptionalismThe Diplomat (October 9, 2014) 

“The Struggle for PowerIndia Abroad  (October 3, 2014) p. M 10 

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The Indian Opportunity for American Higher EducationThe Chronicle of Higher Education (November 11, 2010) 

Previous Terms

September 1, 2008-May 1, 2009 "Strategic Aspects of US-India Economic Engagement"