In cooperation with CWIHP, the Slavic Research Center at Hokkaido University is organizing a conference on Alliances and Borders in the Making and Unmaking of Regional Powers.

Alliances are often the ties that bind. Borders can be painfully, even bloodily, divisive. And sometimes, it goes the other way around. This conference will focus on the East and South Asian experience since World War II.

CWIHP Former Director David Wolff is heading the organizing committee and, in conjunction with the CWIHP initiative on Stalin as a Postwar Statesman, will present on Stalin and Pan-Asianism: The Peoples of Asia are Looking to You with Hope..."

CWIHP Founding Director James G. Hershberg, in conjunction with the CWIHP initiative on India and the Cold War, will present on U.S.-Indian Relations and the Sino-Indian Border War of 1962: New Evidence on John Kenneth Galbraith and the Downfall of Krishna Menon.

Thanks to CWIHP, the latest working paper, #63 The Interkit Story: A Window into the Final Decades of the Sino-Soviet Relationship by James Hershberg, Sergey Radchenko, Peter Vamos, and David Wolff, will be distributed at the event.

For full conference details visit the Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University website.