Ongoing Crisis in Venezuela: Political and Economic Dimensions | Wilson Center
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Ongoing Crisis in Venezuela: Political and Economic Dimensions

Last week, Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) announced new restrictions that postpone a referendum on the rule of President Nicolás Maduro and impose new conditions that impede efforts by the political opposition to obtain the required number of signatures. Meanwhile, the economy continues to unravel, with the scarcity of food and other basic goods exacting a growing toll on Venezuelan citizens. Venezuela is also increasingly isolated regionally, with neighboring governments in particular expressing concern about the country’s political and economic stability.

At the event, we discussed current conditions in Venezuela, scenarios for the future, and options for the international community with:

A man in glasses stands at a podium.
Michael Penfold discusses the recall referendum and possible scenarios for the future of Venezuelan politics.

A woman stands at a podium
Ruth Krivoy expounds on Venezuela's current economic situation.

A man behind a microphone makes a point
Michael McCarthy explains the evolving relationship between the United States and Venezuela.

Header Photo Credit: Carlos Díaz / Wikimedia Commons




  • Ruth Krivoy

    Economist and former President, Central Bank of Venezuela
  • Michael Penfold

    Professor of Political Science at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA), Business and Public Policy School, Venezuela
  • Michael McCarthy

    Consultant, Latin American Program
    Research Fellow, American University Center for Latin American and Latino Studies