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Tracking a Changing Climate: Citizen Science Contributions to the National Climate Assessment

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Tracking a Changing Climate: Citizen Science Contributions to the National Climate Assessment

The vision for the U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA) includes creating a set of of indicators - measures of key physical, ecological, and societal variables and values - that would inform and support decision-making about climate changes, impacts, vulnerabilities, and responses.  This roundtable will explore ways in which crowd-based approaches, such as citizen science and community-based monitoring, are and can be used to support indicators or indicator systems of climate change, impacts and response. 


Dr. Virginia Burkett, Acting Associate Director, Climate and Land Use Change, US Geological Survey

Dr. Richard Spinrad, Chief Scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Tuesday, November 18th from 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
To attend in person, please RSVP here.

This event will be live streamed during the keynote and panel discussion; registration is not required for online participation. 

Follow the event on Twitter @STIPCommonsLab and use the #indicatorsCitSci to ask questions.

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