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Update Regarding 2022 Fellowships at the Kennan Institute

Given the current uncertainty due to the coronavirus and pandemic-related travel restrictions, we anticipate greater flexibility in the administration of fellowships. This may include the possibility of partial or fully remote work and delayed start dates for awarded fellows, contingent upon Wilson Center policies and grant requirements. For more information or specific inquiries, please email

The Kennan Institute is the premier national research center devoted to Russia, Ukraine, and the surrounding region. The cornerstone of the Kennan Institute’s strength is the scholars and experts who come to the Center to conduct their individual research and, in so doing, advancing our understanding of this vital part of the world.

Scholars in residence at the Kennan Institute receive access to the Library of Congress, National Archives, and policy research centers in Washington, D.C., as well as the opportunity to meet with key experts and officials. While conducting research, scholars are expected to actively participate in discussions with the policy and academic communities, including events at the Wilson Center as well as potentially outside of Washington D.C., private meetings, conferences, and other activities organized by the Kennan Institute and Wilson Center. Upon completion of their grant at the Kennan Institute, scholars join the ranks of Kennan alumni, for whom Kennan will continue to offer opportunities for future collaboration and engagement.

The Kennan Institute offers four types of resident grant opportunities. Galina Starovoitova Fellowships on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution are available to citizens of the Russian Federation residing either in or outside of Russia who have successfully bridged the worlds of ideas and public affairs to advance human rights and conflict resolution. Title VIII Scholarships (Research and Summer) are available to applicants who are U.S. Citizens (the Title VIII Short-Term Grant is non-resident). The George F. Kennan and James H. BillingtonFellowships are not limited by citizenship.

The Kennan Institute offers paid Research Assistant positions lasting two to nine months for undergraduate, graduate, and prospective graduate students. Research Assistants are part-time interns who work directly with a resident Kennan Institute scholar.

In addition, Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowships are also available to scholars studying Russia, Ukraine and other states in the region.

The Kennan Institute is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment, and encourages applicants of all backgrounds to apply. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for fellowships based solely on their merits.

CLICK HERE for general advice on applying for Kennan Institute grants and a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

To learn more about our past scholars and their research with the Kennan Institute, visit our Scholar Spotlight interview page HERE.