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Alexandra (Lexie) Shah

Summer 2019, Staff Intern, Wilson Center

Full Biography

Alexandra (Lexie) Shah is a rising junior studying Political Science, with a focus on international relations, and Public Policy in the College of Arts & Sciences and Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. Hailing from Toronto, but attending school in Philadelphia, she was drawn to the Canada Institute for its unique focus on Canada-US relations. At the Canada Institute, Lexie serves as a Staff Intern, helping execute its social media strategy, conducting research for senior staff, and investigating pertinent Canada-US issues. She has a passion for the intersection between policy and communications, and she believes that think tanks play a crucial role in informing the public of key issues and influencing policymakers. Previously, she was a Communications Intern at Matthew House Toronto, a refugee resettlement agency in Canada. While in school, Lexie is a Research Assistant for Dr. Marie Gottschalk, writes articles for Wharton’s Public Policy Initiative, and serves as the Director-General of ILMUNC, a Model United Nations Conference. Upon graduation, she hopes to earn her J.D. and become an international human rights lawyer.

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