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Mariana Sánchez Ramírez

Former Program Coordinator

Full Biography

Mariana Sánchez Ramírez is an experienced communicator with a demonstrated history of working in the think tank industry. At the Wilson Center's Canada Institute, she plans and executes the Institute’s programming related to Canada, Canada-U.S. relations, and North America. Developing and implementing the Institute's communications strategy and practices is how Mariana increases the Institute's reach to decisionmakers, policymakers, and the general public to better understand Canada, and navigate the dynamics of the Canada-U.S. relationship and North America. Mariana is a producer and editor of Americas 360, a public policy podcast about the latest developments in the Western Hemisphere. Previously, she was at the Wilson Center's Mexico Institute, where she assisted with research, created visual content, and provided operational support. Mariana is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations Young Professionals Briefing Series and the GMF Young Transatlantic Network in Washington. Mariana holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of South Florida Honors College in Tampa, Florida.