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Andres Franzetti

    Professional affiliation

    Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Risk Cooperative

    Full Biography

    Andres Franzetti is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Risk Cooperative, where he leads overall strategy execution and business operations. As a dual-licensed insurance broker and Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Franzetti specializes in helping multi-national organizations address complex risks to increase their overall resiliency. Franzetti has experience across the full risk spectrum and works with organizations to address a myriad of risks, ranging from the de-risking of capital investments and overseas investments, to helping organizations build robust enterprise risk management frameworks. He is a recognized thought leader in the risk and cybersecurity domain and serves as an adjunct fellow for the American Security Project, a think-tank founded by former secretaries John Kerry and Chuck Hagel. Franzetti has spent more than 10 years in the financial services and advisory space. He is fluent in Spanish, conversant in Italian, and holds a BS from the University of Colorado at Boulder in journalism, advertising and marketing.