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Bram Ebus

Professional affiliation

Rainforest Investigations Network Fellow, Pulitzer Center and Consultant, International Crisis Group

Full Biography

Bram Ebus has worked on resource conflicts, drug policies and state-corporate crimes in Latin America since 2010. He holds a master degree from the University of Utrecht in Global Criminology with a focus on environmental and state-corporate crimes. In recent years, Bram has been active as an NGO consultant and investigative journalist, publishing for a variety of international media, and worked as the lead journalist for an award winning interactive media production on mining conflicts in Venezuela.

Bram Ebus joined Crisis Group's Latin American office as a consultant. He researches resource conflicts and border instabilities in the Andean region. In his reporting he gathers field-based insights and works on recommendations based on analysis of a wide variety of sources. Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Bram travels to border areas to identify and analyse crises both in their early and later stages.