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Carlos Magariños

Professional affiliation

Director of Global Strategy and External Affairs, Vrio

Full Biography

Carlos Magariños is an avant-garde, with a versatile and outstanding career, awarded by 38 governments and institutions from América, Europe and Asia.

Politician, diplomat, academician and entrepreneur, from a very young age he played leadership roles defending freedom, equality and solidarity and promoting innovation.

Being just 35 years old, he won an international election (getting 36 of the votes casted by 53 countries) to become Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. He had already been appointed Secretary for Industry of the Argentine Republic, when he was barely 31 years old.

He is one of the most recognized references on economic development and innovation of its generation and regularly share his ideas, embodied in ten books, in events and conferences around the world.

He has defined his leadership promoting “change” processes and demonstrates a broad mastery of global strategic issues, identifying the role they play to define the society of the present and to delineate that of the future.

Carlos has been Secretary of State, Ambassador, Chairman and CEO, Senior Associated Member of St Antony’s College at University of Oxford and Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies (RDCY) at Renmin University of China.

Currently, he is Director of Global Strategy and External Affairs at Werthein Group and at Vrio Corporation. Carlos lives in Argentina with his wife, Belén Di Paolo, his daughter Milagros and his sons Tomas and Agustin.