Daniel is a Ph.D. Candidate at Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa University.  Prior to joining the Ph.D. program, Daniel was a former police commander who led District police and Police Departments in different capacities. He attended national and international trainings in policing, peacekeeping, community policing and local participatory governance. He also taught senior police officers at Ethiopian Police University College. In addition, as part of police reform, he has chaired the police reform committee. Currently, he serves Addis Ababa University as a Director for University Standards, Safety and Security.

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Project Summary

Peace and stability have been elusive in Somalia due to the presence of a system of regulatory plurality that embraces state and non-state actors with divergent interest and approaches. Consequently, the stabilization and post-conflict reconstruction efforts necessitate partnership and cooperation between the state and non-state security actors, which creates an alternative hybrid form of governing the state. This hybridization of security governance presumes transformation and renegotiation of actors that must transcend their role, interface with one another and establish some sort of cooperative relationship. Hence, this study provides insight into policy decision made in Somalia that have shifted from a reliance on the international community in reforming and rebuilding the state security apparatus to  hybridized form of security sector governance to build sustainable peace. The research project examines how the state and non-state security work together and the international community supports them to build sustainable peace in the Somalia context.