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Edward Holland

Former Short-Term Grant


    July 13, 2016 — August 5, 2016

    Professional affiliation

    Independent scholar

    Wilson Center Projects

    "Buddhism in Post-Soviet Russia: The Geographic Contexts of Revival"

    Full Biography

    Edward Holland’s research interests include questions of political and cultural change for Russia’s national minorities since the breakup of the Soviet Union. He recently received his PhD in Geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His dissertation, which was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Association of American Geographers, was about religious belief and practice among Buddhists in two of Russia’s ethnic republics, Buryatia and Kalmykia. He has previously published on the topics of migration, security, and national identity in Russia’s North Caucasus, with particular focus on the republic of Dagestan. This work has appeared in Central Asian Survey, Eurasian Geography and Economics, and Communist and Post-Communist Studies, among other journals.

    Major Publications

    • 2012. ‘Going away on foot’ once again: the revival of temporary labour migration from Russia’s Dagestan, Central Asian Survey 31 (4): 379-393 (with Eldar Eldarov)
    • 2011. The changing geography of violence in Russia’s North Caucasus, Eurasian Geography and Economics 52 (5): 596-630 (with John O'Loughlin and Frank Witmer)
    • 2010. Ethnic Competition, Radical Islam, and Challenges to Stability in the Republic of Dagestan, Communist and Post-Communist Studies 43 (3): 297-308 (with John O'Loughlin)

    Previous Terms

    Title VIII Research Scholar, 1/1/13-9/30/13, "Buddhism in Post-Soviet Russia: The Geographic Contexts of Revival," Kennan Institute