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Haewon Chung

Professional affiliation

Doctoral candidate in law, University of Ottawa

Full Biography

Chung is a doctoral candidate in law at the University of Ottawa. Ms. Chung’sresearch area includes intellectual property law, digital ethics, collaborativeinformation production, and law & technology in general. For her doctoralprogram, Ms. Chung received the prestigious Joseph-Armand BombardierCanada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and HumanitiesResearch Council of Canada. Prior to entering law school, Ms. Chung studiedand worked as a computer scientist for nearly a decade, where she specializedin digital information management research including healthcare datamanagement. Ms. Chung has published peer-reviewed articles in computerscience and in law. Ms. Chung will continue to explore various legal issuesrelated to the development and the use of digital technology.