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Hanaa Edwar

Professional affiliation

Co-Founder and the Chairperson of Iraqi Al-Amal Association

Full Biography

Hanaa Edwa is a Human Rights, Women’s Rights and Democracy Activist for more than 50 years. She is the co-founder and the Chairperson of Iraqi Al-Amal Association, a local NGO established in 1992. She is the co-founder of the Iraqi Women Network, which established in 2004 and consists of more than 100 women’s organizations and groups all over the country.

She led countless campaign for women’s and gender equality, enhancing women’s role in decision-making positions and in the Constitutional process. Since 2010 she served within the Expert Team drafting the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence in Iraq. She is leading the advocacy campaign and lobbying in Parliament to enact the law. Hanaa supervises IRAQIYAT web magazine in Arabic deals with women issues, which manages to reinforcing strong and modern women in Iraqi society, and to raise women voice as equals rather than depicting them as victims.