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JeongHyeon Oh

Korea Foundation Junior Scholar

Professional affiliation

M.A candidates, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Seoul National University

Wilson Center Projects

Digging up the untold history? 1954 Geneva Conference and the Division of Korean Peninsula

Full Biography

JeongHyeon OH is a M.A Candidate in Department of Political Science and International Relations, College of Social Sciences at Seoul National University(SNU). Before coming to Wilson Center, He worked a year and a half as a research assistant in Institute of International Studies at SNU. He also did an internship at East Asia Foundation(EAF) in Korea. His research interests include Security issues in East Asia, Inter-Korean Relations, Cold War history in East Asia, and U.S Foreign Policy. At the Wilson center, His project will be focused on ‘1954 Geneva Conference’ as a key event of shaping formation of the Cold War in East Asia and the permanence of the division in Korea.