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Khalil Abu Allan

Agents of Change Youth Fellow

Professional affiliation

Faculty Member, Hebron University, West Bank

Spatial Analysis of Environmental Awareness of Palestinian Women Facing Climate Change in Marginalized Areas


Water, Gender, Environmental Planning

Full Biography

Khalil Abu Allan is a faculty member at Hebron University in the Department of Applied Geography. He is an expert in spatial modeling techniques using GIS and groundwater sensitivity assessment in the West Bank, in the arid and temperate regions, and in the Mediterranean Basin. Abu Allan is an alumnus of the Water Resources Management IVLP Program in 2021 and is the author of is the author of Environmental Study of Spring Water Quality in the Zarqa Natural Reserve: West Bank, Ramallah. He holds a master’s degree in human geography, environmental development, and water resources and a bachelor’s degree in geography with a minor in political science. As a versatile scholar in the management and development of water resources at the local and international levels, Abu Allan has developed leadership experience in the role of youth in managing the environment and conserving environmental resources, conservation and management of water resources. 

Abu Allan has published his scientific research in several international and local scientific journals on the topics of urban development and environmental planning, water resources management using geographic information systems, the study of vegetation and land cover using remote sensing programs, studies in chemical and biological water properties, and wastewater research in third world regions. He has also managed several research projects, such as Agricultural Environmental Management for Wadi Al-Semin Preliminary Survey of Soil and Groundwater and Agricultural Land in the Southern West Bank, a partnership project between Hebron University and the University of California, Berkeley. Additionally, he has participated in a project on water characteristics in the Natuv Basin, west of Ramallah, West Bank, in cooperation with Purdue University, Indiana, USA.