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Gokce Sencan

Agents of Change Youth Fellow

Professional affiliation

Water Researcher

A Framework for Drought Management in the Euphrates-Tigris River Basin in the Age of Climate Change


Water Policy, Drought Resilience, Environmental Management 

Full Biography

Gokce Sencan is a climate and water policy researcher based in California. Her areas of expertise include droughts, water management, and public health impacts of climate change in Mediterranean climates. She has worked on issues like urban drought resilience, agriculture, freshwater ecosystems, water markets, groundwater management, and the energy-water relationship, and published various reports, policy analyses and fact sheets. In the MENA region, Gokce focuses on droughts, agriculture, food and water security, extreme heat, and green development. An active contributor to climate debates in Turkey, Gokce has previously worked as an intergovernmental affairs intern at the United Nations Environment Program in New York, and as a climate change research intern at the Istanbul Policy Center. She has bachelor's degrees in Chemical-Biological Engineering and Molecular Biology and Genetics from Koc University in Istanbul, and a master's degree in Environmental Science and Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Gokce speaks Turkish and English fluently, and Spanish with limited proficiency.