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Lidiya Zubytska

Guest Speaker


January 8, 2018 — April 8, 2018

Professional affiliation

Independent Researcher

Wilson Center Projects

Oligarchic Influences in the Current Foreign Policy of Ukraine

Full Biography

Lidiya Zubytska, a native of Lviv, Ukraine, focuses her research on domestic factors shaping foreign policy choices in states undergoing political transition. In particular, she studies how party politics, economic reforms and social movements impact foreign policymaking in transitional post-Soviet states. Lidiya co-authored publications on Russia’s foreign policy as well as on the role of regional organizations in the post-Soviet space. Her current research projects include oligarchic influences in the foreign policymaking of Ukraine and beyond. Lidiya holds a doctoral degree in political science from the University of Kansas, and an M.A. degree in International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame. Prior to her academic path in the US, Lidiya taught at the Ukrainian Catholic University and worked on the administrative reform in the Ukrainian government after the Orange revolution.

Major Publications

“An Unending Quest for Russia’s Place in the World: The Discursive Co-evolution of the Study and Practice of International Relations in Russia” with Mariya Omelicheva. New Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Journal of Central and East European Politics and International Relations, vol. 24 (1): 19-53, 2016.


“Mothers as Soldiers: Beyond the Veil of Gendered War,” Mothers under Fire: Mothering in Conflict Areas. Eds. Tatjana Takleva and Arlene Sgoutas, Bradford: Demeter Press, 2015.


“Failures and Prospects of Regional Organizations: Lessons from the Post-Soviet Space and Beyond” with Mariya Omelicheva. The Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations, vol. 13 (2): 87-101, 2012.