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Marianna Muravyeva

George F. Kennan Scholar


    November 14, 2022 — February 10, 2023

    Professional affiliation

    Professor of Russian Law and Administration, Aleksanteri Institute and Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki

    Wilson Center Projects

    Family Violence in the Courtroom: Performing Justice and Gender

    Full Biography

    Marianna Muravyeva is a Professor of Russian Law and Administration at the University of Helsinki with specialization in women’s rights and violence against women. She utilizes intersectional theory and socio-legal analysis to explore various types and strategies women use to combat gender inequality and violence. Her latest publications (Muravyeva, 2020; Muravyeva and Hoare, 2020; Muravyeva, 2018) and media appearances ( focus on barriers in achieving gender equality for younger women, including sexual harassment.