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Mary Brooks

Former Public Policy Fellow


    September 6, 2022 — December 31, 2023


    • Science and Technology
    • Security and Defense

    Wilson Center Projects

    What’s Old Is New – and Other Lessons about “Cyber War” from the Russo- Ukraine Conflict

    Full Biography

    Mary Brooks is a researcher, writer and documentarian at the nexus of foreign policy, conflict, cybersecurity, and technology. She was previously a Fellow in the Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats program at the R Street Institute, where she wrote on a number of cutting-edge issues, including supply chain policy and novel methods of measuring trends in cybersecurity, and has published work in Lawfare, The Hill, and Morning Consult.

    Prior to that, she worked as the associate producer of the Emmy-nominated HBO documentary The Perfect Weapon—an exploration of how the use of cyber weapons by both states and private actors is changing global power. She is currently also serving as a consulting producer on a forthcoming HBO documentary about the Biden Administration’s efforts to deal with national security challenges.

    Mary graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor's degree in Government and a language certificate in Arabic.

    Major Publications