Michael Gordon has worked as an intelligence analyst in the US Government since 2004. His research focuses on crosscutting economic trends in the Middle East, including the evolution of regional financial markets, economic and social development, and sociopolitical stability. Prior to his intelligence work, Mr Gordon worked in New York as an analyst and editor with the Economist Intelligence Unit, specializing in commercial and financial topics of the Middle East, and taught as adjunct professor at New York University's Center for Global Affairs. He earned his Masters in International Political Economy and Development at Fordham University and Bachelors of Arts degrees in Business Administration and Spanish Literature at North Carolina State University. He holds several professional certificates in financial markets.

Project Summary

The global financial crisis, sustained weakness in oil prices, and the ongoing violence and unrest in the Middle East have pushed the role of economic growth and development to the forefront of analytic debates about the future of the Middle East. During his fellowship at the Wilson Center, Michael Gordon will explore the development and evolution of capital markets in the Middle East and their impact on broader economic development in the region. In addition, he hopes to examine how economic trends can be leveraged to approach questions of countries' stability.