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Mitchell Davidson

Global Fellow

Professional affiliation

Executive Director, StrategyCorp Institute of Public Policy and Economy
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Full Biography

Mitchell Davidson is the Executive Director of the StrategyCorp Institute of Public Policy and Economy, a new venture designed to contribute to thought leadership on important public policy issues in Ontario and Canada. Mitchell started his career in Ontario politics for nearly six years, culminating as Executive Director of Policy to the Premier of Ontario. In government, Mitchell served as the government’s lead policy architect, including responsibility for the 2019 Budget and 2018 Fall Economic Statement. Prior to that, Mitchell was the policy lead and co-author of both recent Ontario PC Party Platforms. Mitchell also serves as a visiting lecturer at the University of Waterloo's Master of Public Service Program and is an Expert Adviser to Ryerson University's Leadership Lab. Mitchell hails from small town Ontario and holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master of Arts in political science from the University of Western Ontario.