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Nataliya Shok

Public Policy Fellow

Professional affiliation

Professor, Privolzhsky Research Medical University

Full Biography

Nataliya Shok is a professor at the Privolzhsky research medical university (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). She focuses her research on ethical issues in health, health care and the life sciences with particular attention to interdisciplinary methodology amidst social sciences, history of medicine and bioethics.

As a faculty member, Nataliya Shok engages in innovations in medical education - developing interactive educational modules on bioethics, philosophy and social history of medicine. She holds two PhD degrees - history of medicine and political science. She has a MA in Philosophy from Sofia University of St. Clement Okhridski (Bulgaria). In 2019 she completed the fellowship at the Center for Bioethics, Health and Society, Global Wake Forest International Visiting Scholar Program, Wake Forest University (NC, USA). Currently, she is member of the American Association for bioethics and humanities (ASBH).

A bioethicist, historian of medicine and social science researcher who conducts both normative and empirical ethics research, Nataliya's scholarship is focused on interdisciplinary approach for medical humanities, the ethics of organ transplantation, research ethics, particularly related to oversight of comparative effectiveness and implementation science, as well as responsible conduct of research with respect to the Russian history and culture of post-Soviet intellectual and political terrain.

In 2018-2021 as PI, she led a research group aimed on scrutinizing contemporary bioethics in Russia and its interconnections with the global trends and Soviet social history of medicine. Since 2020 she serves as a team leader at the Russian Scientific Foundation working group concentrated on ethical guidelines for the use of animals in research. Currently, her cross-disciplinary spacious experience brought her to the field of global public health policy and its cross-cultural dimension in ethics focused on COVID-19 pandemic.

Previous Terms

George F. Kennan Fellow