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The Guardians of the Amazon: Women Defenders Role in Mitigating Climate Change

Full Biography

Dr. Renata Giannini is currently an independent scholar focusing her research on the intersections of gender, conflict and climate change. She was a program manager and senior researcher at the Igarape Institute for 11 years where she coordinated the project "Empowering Women Defenders and Enhancing Security in the Amazon" highlighting women's defenders vulnerability in climate change mitigation. She was also the program manager of the Civic Space program, carrying out daily monitoring of attacks on Brazilian Democracy. Finally, she was also responsible for envisioning the biggest public available database on violence against women (EVA - Evidence on Violence and Alternatives to women and girls). She published extensively on issues related to democracy backsliding and shrinking civic space, the women, peace and security agenda and violence prevention. Dr. Giannini routinely consults with international organizations, including UN Women and the World Bank, and is also a lead Associate at Gender Associations. In Brazil, she is an active member of the Interministerial group responsible for elaborating and implementing Brazil's two National Action Plans since 2017. 

Major Publications

Renata A. Giannini; Pereira, P. "Building Brazil's National Action Plan: lessons learned and opportunities". LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security Working Paper Series (24/2020). Centre for Women Peace and Security, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK. Available online

Renata A. Giannini; Abreu, P.; Lima, M. “Brazil and UN Security Council Resolution 1325: Progress and Challenges of the Implementation Process”. PRIS onlineM, vol. 1, n. 6, 2016. Available online

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Renata A. Giannini; Aguirre, K.; de Sola, I. “Urban Security Exchange: Data, Design and Innovation for Urban Security”. Igarapé Institute Strategic Paper (Jun/2018). Available online.  

Maiara Folly; Renata Giannini. "Achieving Gender Equality: best practices for the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda". Igarapé Institute Strategic Note (Mar/2017). Available online

Renata A. Giannini. “Where is Latin America? Reflections on Peace, Security, Justice and Governance in the post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda”. Igarapé Institute Strategic Article, (Oct/2015). Available online.  

Renata A. Giannini; Vermeij L. “Women, Peace and Security - Gender Challenges within UN Peacekeeping Missions”. Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Policy Brief 4, (Aug/2014). Available online