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Sam Barr

Global Fellow


    August 23, 2023 — August 31, 2025

    Professional affiliation

    Director of Mobilisation, Global Infrastructure Hub
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    • Economics and Globalization
    • Global Governance
    • Governance
    • International Development

    Full Biography

    Sam Barr has over fifteen years’ experience in public policy, international affairs, economics and infrastructure. He currently leads the capacity building work of the Global Infrastructure Hub (a G20 initiative) as Director, Knowledge Mobilization.

    Since 2020, Sam co-led the convening of the first Global Infrastructure Bodies Forum, which he continues to lead. He has also represented the Global Infrastructure Hub at the G20 International Financial Architecture Working Group and the Summit for a New Financing Pact. He is an Advisory Committee member for the Africa Infrastructure Fellowship Program. He has advised governments, universities, and major firms around the world on infrastructure policy.

    He also led the delivery of the G20 Quality Infrastructure Investment Case Study Survey, which was endorsed by the Infrastructure Working Group of the G20 in 2021. In his career in government and the private sector, he has held senior roles at Infrastructure New South Wales and the New South Wales Treasury, including as a senior adviser to two New South Wales Treasurers.