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Steven Philip Kramer

Global Fellow, Global Europe Program


    September 28, 2021 — August 21, 2023

    Professional affiliation

    Author "Jews, Muslims, and the French Republic" (Cambria: 2023)

    Wilson Center Projects

    France: Contemporary Issues, Historical Ghosts

    Full Biography

    Steven Philip Kramer is a Global Fellow with the Wilson Center's Global Europe Program. Steven is a historian of modern and contemporary Europe, with emphasis on France. Having been a professor at National Defense University for 30 years and an advisor to the State Department, he focuses on the historical dimensions of policy. His research has examined how post-war France was shaped by the experience of the Resistance and Liberation, European socialism, European security and defense and how developed nations attempted to deal with low and declining birth rates. His most recent book, entitled Jews, Muslims and the French Republic, was published by Cambria Press in 2023. It examines the situation of Muslims in France today by comparing it with the development of the French Jewish community. It also analyzes the reasons for the tensions and antagonisms between French Jews and Muslims.

    Major Publications

    • France's Muslim Predicament," National Interesgt, March 2020
    • "Going it Alone,"National Interest, September 2021
    • The Other Population Crisis: What Governments can do about Falling Birth Rates, Johns Hopkins Press, 2014

    Previous Terms

    Global Fellow; 2017-2019: "Muslims, Jews and the French Republic"; Public Policy Scholar, 2003, "Britain and the Future of European Security" Public Policy Scholar, 2010-2011, "Can Governments Reverse Falling Birth Rates?" Public Policy Fellow, Jan-July 2017