Gashaw attained his first and second degrees from Addis Ababa University in the field of Ethiopian Language & Literature and Multicultural & Multilingual Education in 2003 and 2009 respectively. Currently, he is working towards his PhD degree at Addis Ababa University in Peace and Security. His dissertation focuses on cross border intergroup conflicts along the Ethiopia and South Sudan border. Specifically he focuses on the borderland people of Murle, Anyuaa and Nuer people. While studying for his first and second degrees, he worked in different governmental and non-governmental organizations in a number of positions. Besides his research, Gashaw worked as a regional security administrator, special secretary to the president of Gambella Peoples’ National Regional State, finance and economic adviser, lecturer, training coordinator, project coordinator, project manager, project officer, and data collector/assessor. In addition he trained in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. He has had a book published, and his research has appeared in a number of journals.



Project Summary

This study is noteworthy for three reasons: first, it provides valuable information on a people about whom so little was previously recorded; second, it fills a gap in our knowledge of the borderland insurgency of Murle people along the Ethiopia-South Sudan border in the Horn and their practices of regular cattle raiding and child kidnap; while thirdly, from a policy point of view, from which the work is laid out, it provides the government with definite policy information concerning a difficult and restless tribe whose administration has hitherto been unsatisfactory. Gashaw also contributes to knowledge about how governments', International NGOs and other international communities develop borderland policies in order to apply development strategies and peaceful work interventions. It helps to create strong people to people relations and allows adjacent governments to work collaboratively by giving attention to soft border rather than hard border policies.

Major Publications

  • Publication One: Causes of Conflict and Traditional Ways of Conflict Resolution among Anyuaa Society in Gambella. AM Printing and Packaging P.L.C. 2010, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Publication Two: Conflict Management through African Indigenous Institutions: A Study of the Anyuaa Community. World Journal of Social Science, Sciedu Press, Vol. 3, No. 1; 2016, pp. 22-32. 
  • Publication Three: Civics and Ethical Education Student Text Book and Teacher's Guide Revision (Grade 5-8), 2011, Ministry of Education, Gambella Education Bureau, Addis Abba, Ethiopia