Population, Environmental Change, and Security (PECS) News

Population, Environmental Change, and Security (PECS) News is published tri-annually by the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program, with support from the Office of Population, U.S. Agency for International Development, and the University of Michigan.

Issues in this Series

PECS News Issue 9 (Spring 2004)

Anton Earle, Ariel Méndez, Randall L. Tobias, Jennifer W. Kaczor, Meaghan Parker, Colin Kahl, and Caryl Feldacker
Includes articles on the Okavango River Basin and reproductive health in the Amazon rainforest, as well as summaries from events on population and security, and a review of Breaking the Conflict Trap.

PECS News Issue 8 (Spring 2003)

Eckhard Kleinau, Jennifer Talbot, Anthony Kolb, Robert Lalasz, and Jennifer W. Kaczor
Issue 8 features an article on monitoring and evaluation approaches for integrated population, health, and environment programming, as well as event summaries, and a review of the UNFPA's State of World Population 2002.

PECS News Issue 7 (Fall 2002)

Frederick Meyerson, Geoffrey D. Dabelko, Jennifer W. Kaczor, Robert Lalasz, and Besem Obenson
PECS News Issue 7 includes articles by Frederick Meyerson and Geoff Dabelko, and a report from the field from the Peruvian Andes.

PECS News Issue 6 (Spring 2002)

Robert Lalasz, Robert Layng, Ariel Méndez, Jennifer W. Kaczor, and Naomi Greengrass
PECS News Issue 6 features a field report from the Philippines and a summary of the conference, The Road to Johannesburg.

PECS News Issue 5 (Fall 2001)

Dan Whyner, Jennifer W. Kaczor, Nicole Nolan, and Robert Lalasz
PECS News Issue 5 features a discussion with the CDC's Dr. Helene Gayle, a review of GIS as a tool for population-environment research, and a field report from Madagascar.

PECS News Issue 4 (Summer 2001)

John Williams, Simona Wexler, and Robert Lalasz
PECS News Issue 4 features discussions of the 2001 IFAD Rural Poverty Report and the film The Urban Explosion, and an article by Michigan International Development Associate John Williams on integrating population into conservation projects.

PECS News Issue 3 (Winter 2000)

Brian Hubbard and Jennifer L. Turner
PECS News Issue 3 features a report from the Wilson Center's forum on HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa, and an article on urban health in megacities by University of Michigan International Development Associate Brian Hubbard.

PECS News Issue 2 (Spring 2000)

Simon Dalby and Melissa Thaxton
PECS News Issue 2 includes reports from events on environmental security in Africa, an article on integrating gender into WWF's programs in Nepal, and a review of Gunther Baechler's Violence Through Environmental Discrimination.

PECS News Issue 1 (Fall 1999)

Jenny Ericson and Leif Ohlsson
The first issue of PECS News features an article on population dynamics and migration in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in Mexico by University of Michigan Fellows Program Associate Jenny Ericson.

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