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Table of Contents


New Evidence on the Polish Crisis 1980-1982

  • "Introduction," by Malcolm Byrne 
  • "Jaruzelski, the Soviet Union, and the Imposition of Martial Law in Poland: New Light on the Mystery of December 1981" by Mark Kramer 
  • "The Anoshkin Notebook on the Polish Crisis, December 1981," translation and annotation by Mark Kramer and commentary by Wojciech Jaruzelski 
  • "'The Assistance Of Warsaw Pact Forces Is Not Ruled Out,'” by Pawel Machcewicz 
  • "Reflections on the Polish Crisis," by Francis J. Meehan 
  • "Colonel Kuklinski and the Polish Crisis, 1980-81," by Mark Kramer 
  • "The Czechoslovak Communist Regime and The Polish Crisis 1980-1981," by Oldrich Tuma 
  • "The Hungarian Party Leadership and the Polish Crisis of 1980-1981," by Janos Tischler
  • "Moscow’s Man in the SED Politburo and the Crisis in Poland in Autumn of 1980," by Michael Kubina
  • "Bulgaria and the Political Crises in Czechoslovakia - 1968 and Poland - 1980/1981," by Jordan Baev
  • "'In Case Military Assistance Is Provided To Poland': Soviet Preparations for Military Contingencies, August 1980," introduced and translated by Mark Kramer ,
  • "More Documents on the Polish Crisis, 1980-1982"

New Evidence on Poland in the Cold War

  • "The Conversation between Wladyslaw Gomulka and Jozef Stalin on 14 November 1945," by Andrzej Werblan
  • "The Polish Contribution to the Victory of the “Prague Upheaval” in February 1948," by Andrzej Paczkowski 
  • "Stalin As Editor: The Soviet Dictator’s Secret Changes to the Polish Constitution of 1952," by Krzysztof Persak

New Evidence on Sino-Soviet Rapprochment

  • "'All Under the Heaven Is Great Chaos': Beijing, the Sino-Soviet Border Clashes, and the Turn Toward Sino-American Rapprochement, 1968-69," introduction and annotation by Chen Jian and David L. Wilson

New Evidence on the Korean War

  • "Deceiving the Deceivers: Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, and the Allegations of Bacteriological Weapons Use in Korea," by Kathryn Weathersby
  • "New Russian Evidence on the Korean War Biological Warfare Allegations: Background and Analysis," by Milton Leitenberg 

New Evidence on the Berlin Crisis 1958-1962

  • "Khrushchov’s Berlin Ultimatum: New Evidence from the Polish Archives" introduction, translation, and annotation by Douglas Selvage 
  • "The Berlin Crisis and the Khrushchev-Ulbricht Summits in Moscow, 9 and 18 June 1959," introduction, translation, and annotation by Hope M. Harrison 
  • "The End of the Berlin Crisis: New Evidence From the Polish and East German Archives," introduction, translation, and annotation by Douglas Selvage

Research Notes

  • "'We Are in a Bind': Polish and Czechoslovak Attempts at Reforming the Warsaw Pact, 1956-1969," by Vojtech Mastny 
  • "New Evidence on the Cuban Missile Crisis: Khrushchev, Nuclear Weapons, and the Cuban Missile Crisis," by Raymond L. Garthoff 
  • "Soviet Moldavia and the 1968 Czechoslovak Crisis: A Report on the Political 'Spill-Over,'" introduction and translation by Mark Kramer 
  • "Microfilm Projects in East European Military Archives," by Ronald D. Landa 
  • "'Pacifistic Blowback'?" by Nigel Gould-Davies 
  • "Between Solidarity and Neutrality: The Nordic Countries and the Cold War 1945-1991," by Valur Ingimundarson 
  • "New from Hanoi Archives: Summer 1998," by David Wolff
  • "Conference on Understanding the End of the Cold War," by Nina Tannenwald