The Cold War International History Project is pleased to announce the release of CWIHP Bulletin, Issue 17/18, “The Global Cuban Missile Crisis at 50.” 


[ Download PDF, 5.62 MB]


Timed for publication on the 50th anniversary of this most dangerous Cold War crisis this October, this issue continues the Project’s mission to enrich scholarship and public policy debate through new archival evidence from inaccessible (or less easily accessible) archives around the world. Containing over 500 newly declassified and translated documents from international sources, this issue is the most extensive collection ever presented of original, never-before published, non-US primary sources on the Crisis. Highlights include:

  • When Che Met Mao – The first encounter of two great revolutionary icons

  • The View from Havana – New translations give glimpses behind the “sugarcane curtain”

  • Anastas Mikoyan's "Mission Impossible" – The Soviets’ “hidden crisis,” convincing Fidel Castro to relinquish the missiles

  • Khrushchev Unplugged – Candid comments from the Soviet leader only days after the crisis’ resolution

  • Would-Be Mediators? – Interventions and secret diplomatic channels via Brazil, Poland, and the Netherlands

  • Post-Crisis Cuba and the Soviet Bloc – Raul Castro in Eastern Europe and Aleksei Kosygin in Havana.