Experts review new publications:

Violent Environments, edited by Nancy Lee Peluso and Michael Watts (2001). Reviewed by Colin Kahl.

Sacrificing the Forest: Environmental and Social Struggles in Chiapas, by Karen L. O’Brien (1998). Reviewed by James D. Nations.

Environmental Change, Social Conflicts and Security in the Brazilian Amazon: Exploring the Links, by Alexander López (2001). Reviewed by Thomaz G. Costa.

Gender, Peace and Conflict, edited by Inger Skjelsbaek and Dan Smith (2001). Reviewed by J. Ann Tickner.

Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict, by Michael T. Klare (2001). Reviewed by Leslie Johnston.

Environmental Peacemaking, edited by Ken Conca and Geoffrey D. Dabelko (2002). Reviewed by Rodger A. Payne.

Responding to Environmental Conflicts: Implications for Theory and Practice, edited by Eileen Petzold-Bradley, Alexander Carius, and Arpad Vincze (2001). Reviewed by Simon Dalby.

Environment and Security: Crisis Prevention through Co-operation, German Federal Office (2000). Reviewed by Alexander López.

Growing Global Migration and Its Implications for the United States, by the National Intelligence Council. Reviewed by Kimberly Hamilton.

Migration, Globalization and Human Security, edited by David T. Graham and Nana K. Poku (2000). Reviewed by Steve Lonergan.

Footprints and Milestones: Population and Environmental Change, by the United Nations Population Fund (2001). Reviewed by Roger-Mark De Souza.

AAAS Atlas of Population & Environment, by Paul Harrison and Fred Pearce (2000). Reviewed by Jennifer Wisnewski Kaczor.

The Environmental Implications of Population Dynamics, by Lori Hunter (2000). Reviewed by Jennifer Wisnewski Kaczor.

The Health of Nations: Infectious Disease, Environmental Change, and Their Effects on National Security and Development, by Andrew T. Price-Smith (2002). Reviewed by Donald L. Noah.

Human Health & Global Climate Change: A Review of Potential Impacts in the United States, by John M. Balbus and Mark L. Wilson (2000). Reviewed by Jonathan A. Patz.

Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War, by Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg, and William Broad (2001). Reviewed by Robert Wyman.

The Environmental Consequences of War: Legal, Economic, and Scientific Perspectives, edited by Jay E. Austin & Carl E. Bruch (2000). Reviewed by Elizabeth L. Chalecki.

The Trampled Grass: Mitigating the Impacts of Armed Conflict on the Environment, by James Shambaugh, Judy Oglethorpe, and Rebecca Ham (2001). Reviewed by Edmond J. Keller.

Smokestack Diplomacy: Cooperation and Conflict in East-West Environmental Politics, by Robert G. Darst (2001). Reviewed by Matthew R. Auer.

Learning to Manage Global Environmental Risks, by The Social Learning Group (2001). Reviewed by Ken Conca.

Managing Global Issues: Lessons Learned, edited by P.J. Simmons and Chantal de Jonge Oudraat (2001). Reviewed by Stacy D. VanDeveer.

Understanding Vulnerability: South Asian Perspectives, edited by John Twigg & Mihir R. Bhatt (1998). Reviewed by Mike Brklacich.

The Wellbeing of Nations: A Country-by-Country Index of Quality of Life and the Environment, by Robert Prescott-Allen (2001). Reviewed by Thomas M. Parris.