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Environmental journalism has flourished in China over the past decade. Hundreds of reporters produced thousands of news stories and television documentaries covering subjects from the looming shortage of water resources to the endangered species in the wilderness. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, environmental reporting also has come a long way. Working closely with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), environmental reporters have helped forge not only an environmental consciousness, but also a political activism that pressures the Hong Kong and Taiwanese governments for change. Together, they share a professional commitment to reporting environmental degradation and raising public awareness of the endangered ecological resources. But different political systems, various stages of economic development, and editorial priorities have created a wide divide among Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong environmental reporters.

Section V: Environmental Journalism in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

  • Green Voices in Greater China: Harmony and Dissonance
  • Harmony in Diversity: The Relationship Between Environmental Journalists and Green NGOs in China
  • Facing a Half-Transformed Society


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