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How to Counter Jihadist Appeal among Western European Muslims

How to Counter Jihadist Appeal among Western European Muslims
How to Counter Jihadist Appeal among Western European Muslims

Worldwide terrorism connected with the jihadist insurgencies in Syria and Iraq emerges disproportionately among second- and third-generation Muslim youth from Western Europe. Many of them identify neither with European society nor with their countries of origin, but find in jihadist propaganda an identity in a transcendent “nation of Islam.” Governments should prepare community leaders to identify and intervene with at-risk youth and should enhance and coordinate efforts to counter jihadist propaganda both online and in local communities.

How to Counter Jihadist Appeal Among Western European Muslims

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Fernando Reinares

Former Public Policy Fellow;
Professor of Political Science and Security Studies, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid; and Director of the Program on Violent Radicalization and Global Terrorism, Elcano Royal Institute, Madrid
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