by Jane Harman

The recent terror attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Sinai are profound tragedies and have massive security and economic consequences around the world.
With a broad focus on global issues and deep expertise in key regions, the Wilson Center is uniquely positioned to provide a wide-angle view. In this publication of original essays by Wilson Center experts representing every corner of the globe, we work to give context to breaking news. This online collection will be followed by a print edition; as the story continues to unfold, our analysts will update this collection with new perspectives on the key emerging issues.
In trying times, we hope you find our insights useful.



How to Counter Jihadist Appeal Among Western European Muslims
Fernando Reinares

After Paris: An American Strategy
Jane Harman


The Mali Terror Attacks: Regional and International Implications
Monde Muyangwa

Can Hollande Lead the Fight Against ISIS?
Aaron David Miller

U.S. Strategy toward the Islamic State
Robert S. Litwak

To Protect Our Open Societies, We Must Not Close Them
James F. Hollifield

Holy Terror: The Spread of Jihad’s Wrath
Robin Wright

After Paris, Are Paktika and Peshawar Next?
Michael Kugelman

Paris and Turkish Policy in Syria
Henri J. Barkey

Does Paris Open a Door for Putin?
William E. Pomeranz

With Little at Stake in Paris, China Preaches Peace from the Sidelines
Robert Daly

Are the Paris Attacks a Game Changer for Canadian Foreign Policy?
Andrew Finn

Rippling Around the Globe: The Effect of the Paris Attacks on U.S.-Africa Relations
Monde Muyangwa

The Lessons of Post-9/11 Border Management
Christopher Wilson