Solikamsk: Architectural Heritage in Photographs has recently been published by the "Tri Kvadrata" publishers in Moscow with the support of the Kennan Institute. This book is devoted to the architectural and historical heritage of Solikamsk, one of the oldest towns in the Perm territory. The text and photographs are by William Craft Brumfield, one of the leading western specialists on the history of Russian architecture, professor of Slavic studies at Tulane University in New Orleans, and honorary fellow of both the Russian Academy of the Arts and the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences.

The book contains color and black-and-white images of architectural and historical monuments photographed by Brumfield during his trips throughout the Perm region. The negatives for these photographs are preserved in the William Brumfield Collection at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

The volume begins with the author's survey, in Russian and in English, of the history of Solikamsk and other historic sites in the Solikamsk region (most notably the Stroganov compound across the Kama River at Usolye). The text concludes with extensive source references. The front of the volume displays a fragmentary reproduction of a mineralogical map of the Urals compiled by the academician Peter Pallas and published in Paris in the middle of the 18th century.

This is the fourth volume in the "Discovering Russia" series of books dedicated to lesser known corners of Russia and their architectural history. The series includes Brumfield's previous books on Totma, Irkutsk, and Tobolsk, and will include future volumes on Cherdyn and Kargopol. These books are intended for those interested in architecture, history, photography, and regional studies. By virtue of the dual language text of these books, readers not only in Russia but abroad will become better acquainted with these rare treasures of Russia's cultural heritage.

ISBN: 5-94607-069-X
OCLC #: 86080880