Innovation is a key driver of economic growth and productivity and is a crucial determinant of a nation’s ability to compete globally.
In recent years, Mexico has fallen behind other economies in both its productivity levels and in encouraging innovation.
To increase understanding of the benefits and challenges of innovation and to aid in the development of policy recommendations that encourage innovation in Mexico, the Mexico Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars held the Second High-Level Innovation Forum for Policymakers in November 2014. The forum covered several topics related to innovation, including: the innovation ecosystem, universities as an engine of innovation, making innovation-friendly policy and innovation in the health care sector among others. This publication summarizes the main themes of the conference and highlights some lessons learned. The purpose of this paper is to aid in ongoing dialogue, the next stage of which took place in Menlo Park, California,  in November, 2015 (the publication is available in Spanish).