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Washington, D.C.: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; Kennan Institute Occasional Paper Series #34, 1978. PDF 128 pages.

1. The USSR and the USA - Hyland (pdf pg. 7)
2. The USSR and the Third World - Luers (pdf pg. 15)
3. The USSR and the Ruling Communist Parties - Mehnert (pdf pg. 31)
4. The Internal Role of the Soviet Military - Kolkowicz (pdf pg. 37)
5. Soviet Military Capabilities: Status and Trends - Smith (pdf pg. 43)
6. The Domestic Economy - Grossman (pdf pg. 63)
7. The Soviet Union and the World Economy - Levine (pdf pg. 69)
8. Population and Manpower Trends in the USSR - Feshbach (pdf pg. 85)
9. Soviet Attitudes and Values: Current Perspectives - Dallin (pdf pg. 97)
10. Soviet Attitudes and Values: Prospects for the Future - Billington (pdf pg. 107)
11. The Apparatus of Power - Hough (pdf pg. 117)


Kennan Institute

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