Major Publications

  • The Early Days of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Former Soviet Union, Prepared for the Conference on "Health and Demography in the Former Soviet Union," Harvard University, April 2005
  • HIV/AIDS in Ukraine: An Analysis of Statistics, with Cristina M. Galvin, Research Associate, March 2005
  • HIV/AIDS in the Russian Military – Update*, Prepared for UNAIDS Meeting, 22-23 February 2005, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Potential Social Disarray in Russia Due to Health Factors
  • HIV/AIDS in Russia: An Analysis of Statistics, written with Cristina M. Galvin, Research Associate, January 2005
  • "Russia's Health and Demographic Crises: Policy Implications and Consequences," Health and National Security Series (Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute, April 2003)
  • "A Country on the Verge," op-ed, The New York Times, May 31, 2003
  • "Russia's Demographic and Health Meltdown," U.S. Congress, Joint Economic Committee, Russia's Uncertain Economic Future, 107th Congress, 1st Session (Government Printing Office, December 2001)
  • Ecological Disaster: Cleaning up the Hidden Legacy of the Soviet Regime (The Twentieth Century Fund Press, 1995)

Previous Terms

October 1, 2000 - September 1, 2006: Demographics in Russia, health and environment; October 1, 1979 - August 1, 1980: Comparative Study of Soviet and American Society During World War II