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Who Supports Worker-Centric Reform?

Kucik Paper Cover
Kucik Paper Cover

There are growing calls to reform trade policy in the United States. Specifically, an emerging consensus of economists, lawyers, and politicians argues for more "socially inclusive" policies. These policies include a wide variety of foreign and domestic initiatives all united by a focus on addressing inequality and rejuvenating the communities left behind by globalization. But how do average Americans feel about economic policy reform? This study reports findings from a public opinion poll of over 2,500 U.S. residents. The results show general support for worker-centric policies. However, attitudes are highly partisan. 

The findings have implications for reform within the United States. Like many issues in today's America, trade-related policy reforms polarize the country. The findings also raise questions about the stability of U.S. trade relationships across North America and the world. 

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