The Workforce Challenge to MENA Youth

The Middle East is experiencing a renewed wave of unrest, but what are the fundamental economic and social undercurrents driving people into the streets? Join us and our expert panel to discuss the intersecting challenges facing Middle Eastern youth: a growing youth bulge, chronic unemployment, outdated education models, impeded business growth, and the impacts of regional conflict.

Africa in Transition | Investing in Youth for Economic Prosperity

Africa is at a crossroads—and which road its leaders take will shape the lives of billions of people, not only in Africa but also beyond its borders. Often overlooked, population trends play a significant role in Sub-Saharan Africa’s chances for prosperity. Between 15 and 20 million young people are expected to join the African workforce every year for the next three decades. Investing in the health and education of these young people, and providing opportunities for employment, will be essential to ensuring a positive future marked by economic prosperity and stability in the region.

Tabata Amaral, 25-year-old Federal Deputy, Delivers First Speech to Congress

Tabata Amaral, the young Federal Deputy from São Paulo elected in October 2018 with 264,450 votes—the sixth highest vote count among the state’s federal representatives—gave her first speech to Congress this week. Just over five minutes, the speech went viral, along with her main platform: education. 

Encouraging the Next Generation of Innovative Policymakers

Innovative policy solutions often require fresh perspectives. Toward that end, the Brazil Institute is proud to be collaborating with the Colégio Dante Alighieri in São Paulo in support of Colégio Dante’s GEN initiative. Interdisciplinary Project Practice Learning (IPPL) is more than an interdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) initiative because it also integrates history, philosophy, and sociology.

Russia and China’s Frigid Alliance


This article first appeared in Riddle and has been lightly edited for style.


Better Jobs for a More Competitive Region - A Presentation by Earl Anthony Wayne, North American Forum October 2018

Better Jobs for a More Competitive Region - A Presentation by E. Anthony Wayne to US-Mexico CEO Dialogue

Tapping into Tech: How one organization is connecting returned Mexicans and migrants in Mexico to jobs in the tech industry

Between 2009 and 2014, approximately 1 million Mexicans returned to Mexico, through voluntary or involuntary means. For many, this return brings many challenges for integrating back into the Mexican labor force, new communities, and a new way of life. Returnees face cultural shocks, language barriers, discrimination, and employment and education hurdles such as improper documentation and inability to transfer educational credits.