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The 19th Hijacker: Excerpts from the Novel Read by Author James Reston Jr.

September 9, 202133:53

Everyone knows what happened on September 11, 2001. But do we really know what was behind this act of war? What was the lure? What was it about the Hamburg cell that appealed to Sami Haddad, the 19th hijacker? What lured this educated son of a successful Lebanese family to the jihadist message of destruction and annihilation that would result in the death of 3170 Americans?

In a work of historical fiction, author James Reston Jr. attempts to answer these questions and more. In this video, Reston reads excerpts from the novel with a backdrop of archival footage derived from material he acquired while researching the story.


James Reston, Jr.

James Reston, Jr.

Global Fellow;
Independent Writer, Chevy Chase, MD
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