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Points of Clarity | Why is Israel Striking Targets in Syria?

January 30, 20241:03

Ongoing conflict in Israel involves a broader regional struggle, with Iran and its allies challenging the established order, but the main focus remains on Israel versus Hamas dynamics.


Video Transcript

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    The reason is that it is primarily a war between Israel and Hamas. But in the context of a larger long-term struggle for the order of the region with that order being challenged by an anti-status quo power, Iran and a loose alliance of surrogates, which includes Hezbollah and Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, many actors under the general supervision of the Assad regime in Syria and pro-Iranian forces in Iraq. They're all playing a role, trying to gain credit for themselves and put pressure on Israel. But the main event remains what happens on the ground between Israel and Hamas? That will decide the future of the region, at least for the short term.


James F. Jeffrey

James F. Jeffrey

Chair of the Middle East Program, Slater Family Distinguished Fellow;
Former ambassador to Iraq and Turkey, and Special Envoy to the Global Coalition To Defeat ISIS
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