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The History and Public Policy Program uses history to improve understanding of important global dynamics, trends in international relations, and American foreign policy.

The History and Public Policy Program (HAPP) at the Woodrow Wilson Center focuses on the relationship between history and policy making.

A leader in uncovering and publishing policy-relevant documentation, the Program works with a global network to build next-generation research capacity, foster dialogue and debate on history, and push for greater archival access.

The Program manages, an award-winning research tool with over 13,000 primary source documents; publishes the popular international history blog Sources and Methodsand other long-form works; and regularly convenes public events, academic conferences, and graduate student training sessions on historical topics, including the weekly Washington History Seminarseries, the Summer Institute on Conducting Archival Research, and the Nuclear History Boot Camp.

The History and Public Policy Program consists of three main research components:

Other ongoing initiatives include the Chinese Foreign Policy Database, a renewed effort to explore the archives of the former Soviet Union, and a project on the Cold War in the Middle East.