Sources and Methods is the History and Public Policy Program's blog and primary publishing outlet, which presents fresh archival evidence and new insights into contemporary international history. 


Cold War International History Project

Cold War International History Project Working Paper Series
Based on archival sources from outside of the United States, the CWIHP Working Paper series features fresh analysis from academics, journalists, policymakers, and graduate students. CWIHP Working Papers offer novel interpretations of well-known episodes in Cold War history, explore understudied events, issues, and personalities important to the Cold War, and improve understanding of the Cold War’s legacies and political relevance in the present day.

Cold War International History Project e-Dossier Series
The CWIHP e-Dossier series introduces important declassified documents obtained from international archives broadly related to the history and legacies of the Cold War.

Cold War International History Project Bulletin
The Project's flagship publication, the Bulletin offers new evidence and new perspectives on the Cold War.

Cold War International History Project Book Series
Full-length, peer reviewed scholarly books about the Cold War, published by Woodrow Wilson Center Press with Stanford University Press.

Cold War International History Project Document Readers
Large collections of documents complied by the Cold War International History Project for scholarly conferences and events.

Cold War International History Project Resources
Timelines, book revies, and other resources released by the Cold War International History Project.

Cold War International History Project Publication Indexes
Publications are indexed by subject keyword and article title.

Nuclear Proliferation International History Project

Nuclear Proliferation International History Project Working Paper Series
The NPIHP Working Paper Series is designed to provide a speedy publications outlet for historians who have gained access to newly-available archives and sources and would like to share their results.

Nuclear Proliferation International History Project Research Updates Series
NPIHP Research Updates cast an analytical spotlight upon new accessions to the Digital Archive.

Nuclear Proliferation International History Project Issue Briefs Series
NPIHP Issue Briefs offer useful insights and perspectives on contemporary nuclear policy issues from international nuclear historians.

North Korea International Documentation Project

North Korea International Documentation Project Working Paper Series
The NKIDP Working Paper Series taps into the archives of the DPRK's former and current communist allies to offer new and novel revelations about the domestic politics, foreign relations, military stragegy, and world view of the North Korean state.

North Korea International Documentation Project e-Dossier Series
The NKIDP e-Dossier Series introduces newly available archival sources which offer insights into the foreign policy and military conduct of North Korea.

North Korea International Documentation Project Document Reader Series
The NKIDP Document Reader Series provides speedy access to samplings of translated documents in the Project's massive collection of declassified materials on the inner-workings and foreign relations of North Korea from the archives of Pyongyang's former communist allies.

North Korea International Documentation Project Briefing Book Series
Assembled for Critical Oral History Conferences, NKIDP Briefing Books are major compilations of documents from U.S., South Korean, and former communist bloc archives covering key periods and moments in inter-Korean and US-Korean relations.

History and Public Policy Program

Critical Oral History Conference Series
The Critical Oral History Conference (COHC) Series fills the gaps in the available documentary records and adds greater nuance to even well-understood events in Cold War history, the history of nuclear proliferation, and the history and foreign relations of the two Koreas. The series features the testimonies of veteran diplomatic and intelligence officials from around the world.

History and Public Policy Program Occasional Paper Series
Short papers on emerging issues in History and Public Policy.