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As a dominant form of media used by the average American, games have the power to make complex ideas accessible, allowing a direct experience to worth through the intricacies of policy problems. The Serious Games Initiative (SGI) was founded with one goal: to use games to engage the broader public in policy discourse. It is one thing to read about the potential impact of policy solutions – it is another to live it. Since its founding, SGI has been a leader in the field of serious games. Under the umbrella of the Science and Technology Innovation Program, SGI is using games as a dynamic technology to communicate cutting edge research at the Wilson Center and beyond. 

Current Projects

  • Fiscal Ship: In collaboration with the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institute, this game challenges players to steer the nation out of debt while adhering to their values

Past projects include:


  • Budget Hero and Budget Hero 2.0: Highlighting policy objectives around the federal budget, challenging players to aim for fiscal responsibility while carrying out policy objectives.
  • Cards Against Calamity: In collaboration with the Environmental Law Institute and NOAA, this game was designed as a tool for Sea Grant teachers and for coastal communities to play and learn about how to build coastal resilience.

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