The next stage of the Ukrainian drama is poised to unfold like a movie, with the world looking on. That was the sense I had after observing firsthand a largely peaceful and successful election there as part of the National Democratic Institute delegation. The question now is what the title could be.

The title could be “Egypt, the sequel,” in which case we can expect those who braved subzero temperatures and death-by-sniper in the Maidan to grow increasingly marginalized and disillusioned as yet another kleptocracy takes root. Or something more inspiring could unfold, as capable civil society advocates from the Maidan and others play a key role in shaping Ukraine's first decent government ever.

Based on my time in Ukraine and the conversations I have had with Ukrainian political and civic leaders, academics and international observers, there is certainly real evidence that it could be the latter. But there are five steps that brand new President-elect Petro Poroshenko should take to help turn that promise into reality.

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